Maintenance Guidelines

Rental Maintenance Guidelines:

Maintenance tools

During the term of your tenancy you will be required to take normal care and perform normal maintenance on the property.  This includes:

  • Clean the dryer filter after every use.
  • Clean furnace filters:  Each furnace contains one or two air filters.  It is your responsibility to keep these filters clean.  They must be removed and cleaned or replaced at the beginning of the winter season.  The entire burner area and pilot light area must be thoroughly vacuumed.  This must be repeated at least once a month.  If not done, the furnace will operate sporadically or run too frequently, causing you excessive heating costs.
  • If you live in a housing development with covenants, it is your responsibility to follow the rules governing the community.
  • You must have the owners’ prior written approval before making any additions or alterations to the premises, contact your property manager.  This includes fencing, garage door openers, painting or wallpapering, or landscaping changes (except planting annuals that do not disturb other plantings).

Seasonal Maintenance:


  • During the warm weather months, it is important all lawns and shrubbery are adequately watered.


When winter approaches, it is important to winterize your home.  Please note, tenants are responsible for damage to the property caused by the rental not being properly prepared for winter. The following information will help you.  If you do not understand any of these instruction, please call your property manager for further assistance.

  • Turn off all outside hose faucets and drain the lines.  Be sure to disconnect the hose as freezing water can follow the water up into the house.  If you are unable to locate the turn off valve for the hose faucets, call your Property Manager for assistance.
  • Know the locations of the water turn off values for the house. In case of a freeze up or broken pipes, turn water off at the main shut off.  If the location of the main shut off is unknown, turn off the valve located on the hot water heater.  This prevents further damage from water in case of a broken pipe.  If you plan to be away and the possibility of freezing weather exists, please make arrangements for a friend or relative to inspect the premises on a regular basis to check for weather damage and to keep the faucets dripping.  This person should also have your property manager’s number in the event of an emergency so we can arrange for timely repairs.
  •  Please note, tenants are responsible for damage to the property caused by the rental not being properly prepared for winter.  If you do not understand any of these instructions, please call our office for further assistance.