How to make sense of property valuations reports

Lots of real estate agents and real estate tech companies offer home owners market valuation reports, also called market analysis or comparative market analysis.  The reports can be confusing to non-real estate professions so here are some things you should know for how to make sense of property valuation reports. The basic idea is to find […]

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Why you should be increasing your rents.

I have managed rental investment properties for over 16 years which has given me the opportunity to speak with thousands of landlords; this has allowed me to see what techniques and mindset lead to being successful [which I define as building wealth through real estate] and the mindsets that lead to missed opportunities and increase […]

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What You Need To Know To Be Mortgage Ready

  You have decided to buy a home, but you are not sure you know what the next step is.  For most they start by looking for homes online and start “window shopping” in the cyberspace.  This can be a folly for two reasons.  Number one, if you don’t know what price you can qualify […]

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Cleaning a rental house

What You Need to Know About Spring Cleaning!

Spring time is nearly upon us.  That means it is a wonderful time to bust out the cleaning equipment and get the Spring Cleaning done.  This process is important for the health of your home, and it is also important for your physical health and mental state.    Getting in and cleaning all the grime, […]

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