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Chose The Property Management Service That is Right For You:

We offer a complete and customizable choice of Property Management Services to help you maximize your property’s investment potential while minimizing your risks and saving you time. Our company’s over 40 years of experience in Property Management will give you peace of mind knowing that we are fully competent, and that you are ensured excellent service.

We Keep You Compliant With Ever Increasing Regulations:

Owning rental property in Pierce and South King County areas of Washington State means you must keep compliant with an ever increasing web of regulations and requirements.  This can be a daunting and difficult task for an owner of rental properties to do on their own.  Many cities require owners to register their rental properties and some require inspections.  Not to mention that there are new laws being passed by city councils and by the state legislature all of the time that directly effect landlords.  An owner who does not have a professional property manager keeping track of changes on their behalf can find themselves in trouble.  SJC Management Group will keep you compliant and focused on being successful.

Keeping you Successful:

At SJC we understand that the true value of investment property is both the monthly rent income and the long-term appreciation of the property. This is why SJC is dedicated to making sure that investment properties do not suffer from deferred maintenance. Deferred maintenance is the number one reason owners of investment properties lose equity and return on their investment.  We can also help you track the value of your rental estate investment so you can make well informed decisions about your investment.

  • We Do All the Work For You – No more having to collect your own rents, no more maintenance calls late at night, no more sifting through tons of inquiries to find the right tenant.  Let us do the work for you.
  • Tenant guarantee for one year – If your tenant vacates before their one-year rent period expired, then we will re-rent the home without cost to you. 
  • No yearly re-leasing fees - Most tenants on average rent a property for 3.5 years.  With a lot of management companies, they charge a new leasing fee every year on the current tenants.  We only charge a lease fee when we rent your home
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    Annual interior walk through – We will walk through your rental home every year to check for any unknown issues and provide you a complete report with photos and our notes.
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    Extensive background checks on all applicants – Every applicant must complete a credit, criminal, eviction, employment and rental history screening and must pass our criteria to rent your home.
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    24 hours day / 7 days a week emergency maintenance repose – We are on call to deal with any emergency that can arise.  Non-emergency maintenance issues are also dealt with promptly and we will keep you posted on all repairs.


SJC Management Group will cover up to $2500 for any pet damage done by a pet approved by SJC Management Group.  Guarantee is above the tenant’s deposit; for instance, if the tenant has $1000 deposit and there is $1500 in pet damages and $1000 owed for non-pet damages, then the tenant’s deposit would be applied to the non-pet damages and the pet guarantee would cover all $1500 of pet damages. 

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Frequently asked Questions about our Property Management Services:

We are often asked how much our property management services cost.  They are a percentage of collected rent, which is determined by the value of the property you have, and how many properties you have.  Our management fee is a percentage that range from 8%-10% of collected rent.  There is also a leasing fee.  The leasing fee is only applied when a vacant unit is rented.  We have no re-leasing fee.   The leasing fee is half of one month’s rent, not to exceed $695; that is the most it would be charged.  Our leasing fee is guaranteed for one year.  If a tenant vacated within that time we would not charge to re-rent the property.

How do we do our advertising? Our own website and gets between 7,000 and 12,000 hits per month on our homes and apartments for rent section, which shows we are a local source many prospective tenants use, to see what's available.  We also use over 31 other top-rated websites to advertise your property and with that advertising we get impressive results.

How long a vacancy in-between tenants should you expect?  What we're averaging right now is 14 days in between the tenants.  We actually started the process of advertising the property before the current tenants move out. Not all property management companies do that; because it's quite frankly a lot more work.  But we take on that extra work in order to mitigate your costs on vacancy. 

I'm often asked about pets. Is it a good idea to have pets in my rental? Is a bad idea to have pets in my rental? If you're renting out a house in this area and you say no pets, you're actually cutting off about 80 percent of your available market of potential tenants.  So having a pet policy that's right for your property and fits your property's needs, and you as an owner, it is critical to be able to get your property rented quickly.  In order to make sure that your property doesn't get damage from pets, we have a very comprehensive pet screening policy. 

So what is pet screening?  Through we actually screen all applicants pets. We have the applicant upload photos and descriptions of the pets along with veterinarian information which is verified by  If an applicant has a service animal, does not charge for the screening, but does verify that this is a service animal meeting ADA requirements.  I'd love to show you more about this great tool that we use to help property owners. 

Do we do interior inspections?  Absolutely.  Once a year we will do an interior walk through, and we will send you a comprehensive report.  This allows us to check for unknown issues and help ensure your investment is being well maintained.

A question that we get asked a lot about is maintenance and how much should someone expect that to cost when renting out their home. You should expect some maintenance cost.  If you have zero maintenance costs, you most likely have deferred maintenance and ultimately that's affecting the value of the asset itself.  In order, to keep your real estate rental property in good condition, and therefore worth more if you chose to sell it, you need to keep up on the maintenance. You should expect some maintenance costs. However, there's not one standard amount that you should expect.  It does depend upon the age of your property, its current condition, and some other factors. If you'd like to talk more about maintenance give us a call.

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