Rental Application Forms

Rental Application 

Bonney Lake Property Management

Before applying please be sure to read over our rental screening criteria.  

All prospective tenants over the age of 18 will need to fill out an application. Applications can either be filled out online or printed out and filled out by hand. For online applications married couples must fill out separate applications. There is an application fee of $42.00 per person. Before applying please contact us to make sure there is not an application already in process for the property you are interested in. For online applications only, debit/credit card payments are accepted. For paper applications the fee may be paid with cash, money order, or by credit/debit card (we do not accept checks for the application fee). To pay by credit/debit just fill out the credit/debit payment section on the application. The application fee is not refundable. Below is a link to our Application and our Rental Criteria. Please note that SJC Management Group does not accept reusable tenant screening reports.

If you have pets SJC Management Group now requires pets screening. The cost for pet screening is $20 for the first Pet Profile and $15 for each additional pet profile. There is no charge ($0) for an Assistance Animal Accommodation Request.

Standard application processing time is 2-3 days, however some screens can take longer. If you have any questions, please contact our office at 253-863-8117.

     City of Tacoma Rental Housing Regulations are available on this link:

The City Of Tacoma Regulations only pertain to properties in the city limits of Tacoma

Transcription of video:

Dan:                            Hi, Dan Hunt here with SJC Management, and today's guest is Judy from Alliance 2020. They do our screening. I'll let Judy introduce herself with a little bit of factoids that she may have for us.

Judy:                           Thanks Dan. Alliance 2020 has been doing screening over 30 years. We've been in business 32, and we're national accredited. There's a lot of hoops we jumped through to be national accredited. One of the things that I enjoy is I love my customers. I like to bring them treats, and they look forward to getting those I think. And, I also want to make sure that all the reporting that we do is coming in, and if there are issues I like to cover them as well when I'm visiting with my clients.

Dan:                            If you want more information on our screening processes, if you click below on it, we have a little longer video. We'll touch on a few subjects like, what credit scores are needed, the student loans and medical collections, does that matter on applications, why is it takes so long to process an application and what criminal records and that sort of thing. So if you want some more information, go ahead and click below. Thanks.

Judy:                           Thanks for having me, Dan.

Dan:                            My pleasure, Judy.